National Trails Day - Camp Riverslanding
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National Trails Day

  • Date : June 1, 2024

Fun Fact about June 1st: The outdoors are calling out to us, telling us this is the perfect time for a hike — it is National Trails Day after all, which is celebrated only on the first Saturday in June of each year, falling on June 1 this year. Organized by the American Hiking Society, this event aims to bring together all trail enthusiasts, young and old, while honoring those who help maintain and preserve hiking trails for everyone to enjoy.

Water Aerobics – Everyone who can comfortably touch the bottom of the pool can come join our qualified instructor at the pool for a class of aerobic conditioning, toning, exercises, and movement. Weather permitting.

Kids Day, Starting at 11:00am – 2:00pm Water Games, and Music. Weather permitting.