Trout Fishing in the Smokies

The Great Smoky Mountains are home to one of the most diverse fish populations in the country. Locals and guests have great opportunities to experience the relaxation of fishing in a beautiful, serene setting. With more than 2000 miles of rivers and streams located within the National Park, and many of these places nearing fish capacity, if you want fishing to be part of your vacation itinerary, the Smokies are where it’s at. Guests of the park are welcome to fish year round between 30 minutes before sunset, and 30 minutes after sunset at all the streams with the exception of the Lynn Camp Prong.

To be sure that your fishing is worry free however, it is important to learn and follow the regulations and have the correct fishing license. All people who want to fish and are over the age of 13 require a Tennessee or North Carolina Fishing License, and there is also a limit to how much you can fish. For each day, only five rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and small-mouth bass are allowed per each person, with the exception of twenty rock bass which allows twenty per day. In this article we will help you determine which license you will need to get out there, as well as give you some tips on where the best fishing streams are located in the area.

Trout Fishing in Gatlinburg

Residents and non-residents must purchase special licenses to trout fish in Gatlinburg.

1 Day Trout Permit for Residents or Non Residents

Ages 13 and up $11.50

Gatlinburg Trout – Daily $3.50

Gatlinburg 3 Day Trout Permit

Ages 13-64 $9.50

Outside of the National Park, the fishing season is open from April 1-November 30. Streams are open all week with the exception of being closed on Thursdays to allow the city to stock the waters with trout. On Children’s Streams the daily limit is five trout per person and two trout per child. December 1-March 31 marks the catch and release season which lets you practice throwing out a line. Single hook lures are the only ones allowed at any season throughout the year.

Fishing with Children

There is nothing more rewarding than spending a day with your children in the great outdoors, with spectacular views making memories that will last for a lifetime. Gatlinburg is proud to be able to feature great trout streams that are safe for the entire family to enjoy.

West Prong Little Pigeon River upstream of the Gatlinburg By-Pass Bridge

Dudley Creek from Hwy 441

LeConte Creek from Painters Branch

If you are seeking for some children only specific streams, the following two are the best ones in the area.

North Gatlinburg Park at the Parkway entrance to the city

Mynatt Park off Historic Nature Trail

Fishing has long been a tradition in the Smoky Mountain way of life. Follow these instructions and you and your family will be well on your way to becoming part of the vibrant fishing community.