5 Tips to Make your Pigeon Forge Campground Experience Kid Friendly

RV there yet?

There is nothing more exciting than the thought of getting away from the busyness of our daily lives, packing up the family, and going on a grand camping adventure. Even better is when you can take the comfort of home, by going on an RV camping trip. We’ve taken all of our camping experiences to come up with the top 5 tips on how to make your Pigeon Forge campground experience kid friendly, to create memories to last for years to come.

1. Pick the Best RV Camping Park:

With a myriad of campgrounds to chose from, it can be easy to get lost in the amount of choices available. Some things to look for specifically are, location, amenities, and customer service. Location is incredibly important, because you don’t want to go somewhere that is either so crowded and noisy that the whole trip becomes more stressful than your daily life, and you also don’t want to be somewhere that is so secluded and far away from everything that you begin to feel stranded. Camp Riverslanding offers the best of both worlds by being located within minutes of your favorite Pigeon Forge spots, but secluded enough to provide an environment free of traffic noise, and filled with the melodious sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling. Not only that, we also have the absolute best river access. It’s so awesome that we’ve included river tubing as one of our many great amenities!

2. Create a Checklist:

Now that you’ve picked the best campground in the area (dare we say world?) it’s time to create a checklist to provide the smoothest trip, with no “Oh no, I forgot…” moments. This checklist will house all the items that you need to pack and bring on your RV camping adventure, the essentials, and miscellaneous things you may need. It’s fun to include the kids in this to let them have a sense of having an important role in helping out for the trip. And also making sure that they won’t forget their favorite plush toy.

3. Make an Activity List:

To make sure that there is something fun to do for every day of your trip, try creating an activity list of the things the whole family would like to do! Include your kids in the planning, and see what sort of adventures they would like to do together. Pigeon Forge is filled with exciting and fun places to have days upon days of fun. There are practically endless trails to go on (check out Five Trails you have to Hike when you’re Camping in Pigeon Forge) Camp Riverslanding also offers great amenities for those day when you just want to take a break and relax, including tubing, arcade, basketball court, and even a spa for those sore muscles! Make sure to check what sort of weather to expect to plan accordingly. Every day can be filled with fun, even rainy days! You can have a fun indoor day by playing board games together, taking turns telling stories, and even drawing some of the experiences you’ve had together on the trip!

4. Plan Delicious Meals

While it can be fun to eat out every day you’re on vacation, you can also make really easy meals that the whole family can have fun putting together. Cooking as a family has always been a wonderful bonding experience, and cooking fun meals over a bonfire is such a fun memory to make. Involve your kids by asking them what kind of meals they would like to have on the trip, and even getting them to participate in easy preparation tasks. A good tip to use is creating pre-measured meals in bags that can be easily cooked over fire, or in a crockpot in your RV. This will save a lot of preparation time. Simply prepare everything before the trip, throw it in a bag, and label it! You can even half cooking them to cut down the cooking time.

5. Make the Nights Memorable

After a long day of adventures, spend some quiet quality time with your kids by talking about the day around a bonfire, while stargazing, or in the comfort of the RV. Ask them what their favorite parts of the day were, and go over what you’ll be doing the next day, and even what they would like to do. Tell them a story about the area you are in to immerse them into the experience of the area even more.

By following these tips your camping trip will be a smooth, fun filled family adventure that you and your kids will remember for years to come. If you have any questions about how Camp Riverslanding can make your family vacation unforgettable, give us a call!