How To Find The Best Campgrounds In Pigeon Forge

If you are thinking of planning a vacation in the Smokies, you have quite the exciting task ahead of you. It is so enthralling to look at all the options and locations out there, to get to make the plans for memories that will last a lifetime. The search can turn overwhelming once you realize there are seemingly a trillion options out there, and they all make the same promises of their quality and great mountain views. We want to help you on this exciting journey by giving you a few tips on how to find the best campgrounds in Pigeon Forge, Tn. If you find yourself in the area looking for a convenient, and high quality campground, we would love to have you at Camp Riverslanding!

We are proud to say that Camp Riverslanding is located in a most delightful secluded area in the heart of Pigeon Forge next to the serene banks of Little Pigeon River. Because we aren’t right next to a noisy street, it seems like you’re miles away from civilization, a wonderful illusion we’re happy to provide. From our campground you can simply walk from your relaxing RV oasis to a wide variety of restaurants and attractions in minutes. So you get the convenient location, but in the mornings you wake up to a hot cup of coffee and the peaceful forest melodies around you. It truly is the best of both worlds.

What Are The Signs Of A Great Campground In Pigeon Forge?


The best campgrounds should have customer service that makes you feel even better than you do in your own home. At Camp Riverslanding, we do everything to make your stay as smooth, fun, and easy for you as possible – it is your vacation, afterall. We also like to take you on exciting adventures by booking shows and attractions for you, so no more wondering how to get in! You can easily make these arrangements through our website, or you can pay us a visit at the front desk. We can help you find the very best deals, and give you the low down on the best shows in the area.


The best campgrounds are always thinking of their guests first. This includes making it easy for guests to get things they’ll need during their stay, anything from milk to iphone chargers. Camp Riverslanding does that, and top top it all off we also carry fresh Krispy Kreme donuts: Every. Single. Morning. Who does that?! While we’re on the note of thoughtfulness…don’t you hate places that don’t let you bring your dog? Do they not realize they’re part of the family too? We understand that you want to be able to bring your furry family members on vacation, so we’ve made our campgrounds totally dog friendly.

Area Accessibility

It makes sense that sometimes when you’re on vacation, you just don’t want to spend the whole time driving. One of the great things about Pigeon Forge is that they have built in an extremely convenient trolley system. Our campground has access to 3 different trolley stops, all waiting to take you on many different adventures. You might as well relax, save gas, and let someone else do the driving!